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C++ STL Manpages

Do man pages exist for the C++ STL library?  Yes they do, and here they are.
libstdc++-man.4.4.0.tar.bz2. . . Apr 21 2009 360K

Phonegap and jQuery Mobile First Impressions

This past long weekend I decided to spend some time getting familiar with PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile.  After a couple of afternoons spent in coffee shops, walking through the learning curve and experimenting, I had a working app installed on my iPhone.  Not the most polished piece of boilerplate, but enough to show off to some friends, who were duly impressed.

These are my first impressions after muddling around with it for a while.

Why PhoneGap?

PhoneGap is one of several platforms that aim to make developing cross-platform mobile apps possible, and easy. It does this by wrapping a mobile web app in a stand-alone application that provides wrappers for the phone's native APIs, including accelerometer, sound, vibration, media, geolocation, camera and local storage. PhoneGap targets a large number of mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Symbian and WebOS. It uses straightforward markup, script and stylesheets to build the application. Some of the native look …

Human Tech

Software engineering should not be about getting humans to become more technical. It should be about getting technology to become more human.

jQuery on the Command Line

This is too cool... A Jquery command line interface. TJ Holowaychuk posted it to his git repo last night.


   $ curl | query logging img attr alt

Tell CRTC to Reverse UBB

The CRTC is soliciting input from Canadians on anti-competitive Usage Based Billing practices by Bell, Rogers, and other incumbent ISPs.  The Open Media group has a convenient online form letter that you can submit to the CRTC.

Go the Open Media page and let your voice be heard by the CRTC!

When I wrote that "dumb is the new smart" in December, predicting that consumers would demand dumb pipes, it was before the FCC ruling on the merger of Comcast & NBC and the CRTC 2011-44 decision.

That CRTC ruling and subsequent public uproar has brought the issue to a head faster than I imagined.  Alas it seems that big ISPs like Bell and Rogers don't get it yet, but a lot of Canadians seem to think that dumb pipes are a smart choice. Yay! They're demanding it loudly, even if the big incumbent ISPs were too slow to see it coming.


Sunflowers on an October afternoon.

Steam Train

Working steam engine at Wakefield, Quebec.

Artist at Work

Jacques Boissinot, Artiste-peintre, Gatineau, Quebec

Remembering Autumn


Petition Anti-competitive Internet Fees in Canada

Canadian ISPs want to charge you so much for Internet usage that it would be cheaper and faster to buy the most expensive solid-state hard drives and ship them across the country than it would be to download the same data online.  Sign the petition against Usage Based Billing.