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A Motley Crew

Racing begins! And we need a motivated crew. Hence the new flag:

Keel Work

This spring I undertook what could be considered a rite of passage among sailboat owners: refinishing the keel.  The steps (shown in the video below) were: scraping down the keel with paint scrapers (didn't work very well)grinding the keel with an evil-looking twisted wire brush attachmentgrinding the keel some more with a rough fiber sanding diskmore wire brush grindingwash-down with Metal-Ready (phosphoric acid)3 coats of POR-15 anti-rust paint1 coat of Interprotect 2000Epoxy fairing compound in hull-keel joint and pitted areas4 more coats of Interprotect 2000VC-17m on anti-fouling bottom paintLaunch, and watch all that hard work disappear underwater