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More Node.JS Module Patterns

The post on Node.JS module patterns and the slideshow from the talk I did at OttawaJS keep getting a lot of mentions. Those are really simple examples, but in practice most modules have a bit more substance to them.

There are a couple of patterns that I've seen used in Express.JS apps a lot.  One simply exports a bunch of functions that are used as route handlers. Another passes an object to the module, and the module attaches things to it.  And the last one exports an Express router object that the main app can use to define more specific routes on a base URL.

Let's look at these with some simple examples.

Exporting route handler functions This is a fairly common pattern where the module simply exports a number of functions. In this case they're route handler functions that an Express app can use to handle the various routes it declares.


exports.getUser = function (req, res, next) { res.send('respond with a user'); }; exports.updateUser = function (req, …