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PHRF Racing

No better way to learn a new boat that to race her, I guess. We've been racing Aura for a couple of weeks now. The first trip out was to take a look at the course and try not to hit anybody. A bonus was that we met up with Dwight, skipper of Gabrielle, and his crew out on Lac Duschenes, and gave him a proper rock-star salute. This is a picture of Markus sailing back to harbor after the race.

PHRF is a handicapping system that allows boats of different makes and models to race together, and the faster boats have a "handicap" that causes them to "owe time" to the slower boats... they get a few seconds shaved off their score and when the results are tabulated, its not necessarily the first boat across the line who wins, but the boat with the fastest time after adjusting for the PHRF rating.

Last Tuesday we sailed out and no wind was blowing. We found about six Tanzer 22's all roped up together, however, and decided to pull alongside and raft up. Everyone…


Here are a few pictures of Aura. The harbor at BYC has 'Mediterranean' style moorings rather than finger docks. I admit the finger docks at Nepean Sailing Club are really nice. On the other hand, you can put many more boats in the harbor without all the docks. It makes boarding a bit challenging, so I think I'll construct a gangplank of sorts.

This first picture is Aura laying at Britannia Yacht Club. There are a lot of Tanzer 22's at the club, but I think she's one of the nicer looking ones. For a boat that was built in 1979 it's in surprisingly good condition.

The first major project undertaken on Aura was sorting out the electrical system. Although the depth meter was working, almost nothing else was: AM/FM radio, VHF radio, anchor light, running lights or cabin lights. I started by recharging the two 12volt gel batteries and then got first mate Markus in with his soldering iron. Markus set to work on the fuse panel and after some creative soldering…