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Your Privacy is Your Freedom

This week, amid news - just in time for the 4th of July - that a Federal US judge has ordered Google to turn over the confidential user information of every single user who has ever watched a Youtube video to Viacom, the giant media conglomerate who is suing Google over some TV clips that end-users uploaded, my thoughts turned again to the issue of privacy, and freedom, how the two are inextricably related, and how poorly this seems to be understood by many people who consider themselves citizens of a free country.

Viacom, by the way, are the brilliant folks who stole a Youtube user's video without permission, aired it on TV, and then filed a DMCA takedown notice against said user, for infringing on "their" copyright.

While the invading horde of Viacommies is bad enough, it pales in comparison to the threats posed by warrantless wiretapping programs and their ilk (including the deceptively-named Patriot Act). It's becoming more and more apparent that we all need to …

Serenade For The Renegade

The news of the passing of Esbjorn Svensson on June 14th came as a very sad shock to me and many others around the world who became familiar with the extraordinary musical creativity of the Esbjorn Svensson Trio (EST).

EST quickly became one of my favorite musical groups when I special-ordered and picked up their album "Strange Place For Snow" after having it recommended by a German friend with notably fine taste in European jazz.

Their music was energetic, buoyant, fresh and hauntingly beautiful. The loss of a rising jazz leader so early in his career is really a tragedy. I encourage those with a musical ear to check out EST.