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The Dreaded Keel Joint

Last post I talked about refinishing my iron keel and the wonders of POR-15. At haulout my keel looked like it had done fine under the water; no signs of rust. This spring I found a line of oxidation along the keel joint, which you can see in the pictures.

Rust along the hull-keel joint.

This is likely due to the fact that I filled and faired the keel joint with fairing compound instead of a flexible poylyurethane bonding sealant. The fairing compound is totally stiff and showed signs of cracking in a few places. I scraped and sanded away the oxidation stains and antifouling paint. In a couple of spots I hit bare metal, so I knew I'd be off to the store for some more POR-15 and Interprotect 2000 to make a few touch-ups. VC-17 antifouling paint turns black within a few weeks, so sanding it off along the joint allowed me to inspect the situation more closely.

The hull-keel joint sanded

Things looked pretty good at this point and I was second-guessing my decision to do any major wor…

How to refinish an iron keel

Update: Canadian Tire has started selling both the POR 15 Metal Prep solution and  POR 15 paint.

Today at the Chandlery I found out a little secret... the shops that sell Interlux epoxy and paint products don't recommend using POR-15 because they don't carry it, and they make money by promoting the Interlux primers instead. Unfortunately Interlux doesn't manufacture a product like POR-15, so if you take the advice of the Interlux dealer you might be dealing with rust every couple of years on an iron keel. Interlux makes great products and I recommend them below, but for an iron keel you should start with POR-15 first, and then move on to the Interlux.

I refinished my keel in last spring and it's still clean as a whistle with just a smidgin of oxidation around the hull keel joint, which I didn't have time to finish properly. I'm really happy with the results so far and will probably carry on and deal with the hull keel joint this month or wait till next year.

Sound Test

My attempt at creating a patch in Omnisphere. It's inspired by a Korg Triton combi but the sound here is 100% Omnisphere. The music is an excerpt from an original composition.

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