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Building Really Elegant Web Portals, Part 1

This is part one of a two-part article.  Part two is here.

This article discusses principles for building really elegant web portals. More precisely, it’s about how to build portals in a really elegant way. Even though I use a particular development stack for the example implementation, the principles can apply generally to other platforms as well.

Web-based applications and interfaces have become very popular.  Even certain kinds of equipment, like routers, generally implement a web-based GUI.  In the telecom community, sites that allow subscribers to access and manage their services are often referred to as "portals".  There are a lot of approaches to designing a portal site, and a lot of potential pitfalls that could be avoided with the right approach.

A Design Pattern for Portals

Usually, when a portal has to be built, people go looking around for a framework to use, or they use the one they already know.  There are some pretty good frameworks out there, but in my experienc…