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Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta, Canada

© 2009 Darren DeRidder

Canons of Layout

I've always been interested in the aesthetic of well balanced spaces and trying to understand why some geometries are so much more pleasing than others.  Because I get a lot of visitors who're interested in web development and testing, I thought an article on the aesthetics of layout and some general rules of thumb might be worthwhile.

With the growth of the Internet, a vast amount of content has been published online, and almost none of it adheres to any formal principles of margin and type areas, "laws of form" or page design "canons".  In medieval times when books were a rarity and publishing houses were few, considerable time and effort was put into achieving the perfect layout, with most printed works relating to the Golden Ratio.  Collectors of rare books appreciate the "truly beautiful" proportions of the pages.  It was very rare for publishers to deviate from the two or three most common "canons of page design".

I first became a…

Classic Modern

The Confederation Building reflected in the Bank of Canada Building.

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The Mountaineering Journals

I've begun moving some of my old mountaineering reports to a new blog.  I like the blog format and this should make it easier to add new reports if and when I do more mountaineering.  My collection of old climbing write-ups on the original Mountaineering Journals web site is pretty big, and warrants a dedicated site, I think.

The Mountaineering Journals began as a creased collection of photo-copied trip reports that I and a few friends circulated amongst ourselves while living in Japan.  There were three main contributors, all decent writers, and some of the reports were very entertaining, especially for anyone familiar with life as a foreigner in Japan.