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The Battle Path

Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

Carbide Wilson Mill

Abandoned Mill, Gatineau, Quebec

©2011 Darren DeRidder

Checking In

Hard to believe the month of November flew by without so much as a peep out of 51 Elliot.  Between getting my boat put away for the winter, removing stain from my porch and cleaning the wood, spending too many hours on and various architectural websites, and raking up about 87 bags of autumn leaves, it just happened.

And, instead of posting my usual techo / philosophical points of view, the last couple of months have been mainly a time to sit back and observe. The Occupy movement has been in the news a lot, the campaign in Canada has been building momentum, and businesses of the digital economy are speaking out against the abuse of copyright by media conglomerates as manifest in the much-hated SOPA and Protect-IP proposals. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out, and I hope it results in a better world for everyone.  A Christmas wish, a bit early.

I did manage to accumulate a fairly big back log of interesting articles, so here to make up …