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Simple Intro to Synchronization / Serialization in NodeJS

One of the most common topics that comes up with people who are new to NodeJS is how perform synchronous tasks in an asynchronous programming environment. There are two general responses to this:
Your Doing It Wrong. Just learn how to deal with the asynchronous programming style.Use a module. Step.js, asynch.js, or any number of other ones. A lot of people have tackled this problem. You might even hear someone recommend to go write your own flow control library first, then go choose the module that you like best. To be honest, I've always wanted to understand the internals of control flow libraries like Step.JS, and have even pored over over Isaac Schlueter's Slide.JS slideshow.

Recently I wanted to create a little node script that would populate some tables in a database. I had a bunch of methods to do this, but they were all asynchronous functions and I needed to call them serially. For example, the first one would create a table. The second would populate some data in the t…