Monday, May 14, 2007

Welcome Aboard

Last Thursday I went down to the Nepean Sailing Club to look at a boat. A fellow drove up and hollered through the passenger window "Do you want to buy a boat?" -- the owner of the Tanzer 22 I was about to see. The boat was high and dry in the yard and we spent about an hour poking around. Her name is "Aura" and she was built in 1979.

The bottom paint is blistered and peeling and theres a crumbly seam between the keel and the hull that needs to be faired up. The gel-coat is gouged along the gunwales and crazed around some of the fittings, but the teak has been all nicely refinished topside. There was a little water in the bilge and hints of rust from the keel bolts, but it looked treatable. The electrical system is a bit of a dogs breakfast, but there are only running lights and a radio to re-wire. There are four sails that look in good shape, including an older spinnaker, and a 9hp Mercury 4-stroke outboard motor.

All in all a nice boat, and Ottawa has one of the biggest T22 fleets anywhere. The community is very active with lots of racing opportunities and people to share information with.

So I made an offer that took into account the amount of work I figured was needed and... long story short, I'm buying my first sailboat this week.

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Dwight said...

Welcome Aboard Skipper Darren!

They say the next best thing to owning a boat is having a friend who owns a boat, ahh, er, never mind.

Congratulations on your new boat Darren!

Just remember that we're always available for partying, skinny dipping off the bow, and general rowdyness aboard.

Oh yes, we'll ocassionally help sail her too and please don't ask, but we'll even give you a hand getting her shipshape and in the water.

Just let us know,

Captain Dwight
Gabrielle, K25#4

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