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Les Saisons

Elizabeth Rutledge is an artist whose work I greatly admire. Her paintings are currently on display at Les Saisons in Old Chelsea, Quebec. There is very little information online about the artist, but a brief description is available at Tour Des Ateliers.

Lake O'Hara.

It is time for an update. I've been away in the Canadian Rockies, spending a week at Lake O'Hara to do mountaineering. In the end, we didn't get to the top of anything other than Mt. Schaffer (in the picture). The weather wasn't great, and the night we spent at the Abbot Pass hut between Mts. Victoria and Lefroy left about two feet of fresh powder snow all over everything; climbing Victoria was out of the question. Ironically it was a lack of snow on Mt. Huber that put us off. Having been on Huber a few times, I decided not to go the last few pitches to the summit. My partners Markus and Marcel attempted it, but found the last section impassable. At least I felt my judgement was confirmed.

Since the climbing trip, Aura has gone out a few times. Unfortunately, one of those times we tore the Genoa. It's now in need of a major repair. I've purchased sail thread, needles, and a leather sail-makers palm (so you don't stab yourself). I'm working up …