When Summer Comes

© 2008 Darren DeRidder



Very nice photography. I also like your music, your viewpoint, your love of nature, and your dislike of Vista, which to me is one of the biggest shams and ripoffs of modern times. Best wishes,
Robert Zuckerman, author/photographer of Kindsight®
Darren DeRidder said…
Thank you Robert for the encouraging comments. I also visited your blog and enjoyed the beautiful photographs. Best regards,
All the best to you too. It's all about taking the high road, in business and in life.


Robert Z.
darci said…
darren i love this picture! i saw it on facebook, too. i can't wait to be out on a trail this spring...
Darren DeRidder said…
thanks Darci,

When Summer Comes is actually the name of a ballad by Oscar Peterson. Its one of my favorites by him. It was written after he'd had a stroke that paralyzed his left hand, and he played it in his first concert after his rehabilitation in Vienna. Many people were in tears.

deridmn said…
Ah, so beautiful. It gives one hope that this long cold winter must end eventually! Great pic!

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