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JavaScript Closures for 6-year-olds

When I first became interested in NodeJS I decided I needed to understand closures. They're supposed to be an advanced topic in JavaScript, but they're kind of fundamental to Node's asynchronous, callback driven continuation-passing style.

My background is mainly in C/C++, so unlike Ruby programmers, who have probably been exposed to closures, I had to study up on it.

After reading some excellent technical descriptions and layman's articles, I came across a Stack Overflow post asking "How do JavaScript Closures Work?", which is really good. The writer was asking how you might explain closures to a six-year-old, because Richard Feinman said that "If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't really understand it yourself".
Here's my attempt at an explanation of closures for six-year-olds:
A man goes on a long trip, leaving his home and family behind. He's very fond of his home and before he leaves he takes a picture to bring w…

Tulips in the Sun

Tulip Festival, Ottawa, Ontario

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JSLint in Sublime Text 2

TLDR; Easy JSLint in Sublime Text 2, featuring auto-lint on save, jump to errors, menu shortcuts and preferences. Download it from github.

I've been using Sublime Text 2 as my go-to editor for JavaScript, and set up a custom build system in Sublime Text 2 to run JSLint and report errors automatically when saving a .js, .json, or .html file.

This has been working great. Whenever I save a file, it tells me immediately if there are any problems.  Since I already have the file open with my recent changes, I can easily fix things up and re-save. There's no waiting for some monolithic build process to generate a report, which I may or may not pay attention to, or context switching between tools and screens to find the source of the problem. I set several options so it won't complain about typical NodeJS styles, and I make sure I get the "OK" when I save things. It keeps things very simple and as a result my code is all fully JSLint-ed.

If you have node installed, the…

Selenium IDE Sideflow Update 2

I've updated the Sideflow (Selenium IDE Flowcontrol) plugin. You can download the latest version here:

The "gotolabel" command is renamed with camel-casing as "gotoLabel", so you may need to update your old Selenium tests if they use the old "gotolabel". Note that "goto" is a synonym for "gotoLabel", so if you wrote your tests using "goto" they should just keep working.

While I really appreciate contributions and suggestions, I've decided to remove the recent forEach additions. There were a few reasons for this.
foreach functionality can be done with the existing while / endWhile commands.The implementation of foreach didn't actually provide a foreach command.Users reported errors in the new feature. Given (1) and (2) I wasn't really interested in debugging it.
To provide a simple way for users to build a collection, I added the "push" command. In Selenese, "…