Monday, June 25, 2007


We went out on Aura on Saturday, and the wind was really blowing. We sailed up to Aylmer Island and anchored for a picnic, and then headed downriver wing-on-wing, blowing down towards BYC with our wake boiling. A dinghy with a 3-man crew went flying past, heeled over on a port tack, and the skipper yelled over to us, "This is AMAZING!!!". Seconds later, we heard a huge BOOM!!! and looked back just in time to see his mast collapse into the water.

Amazing, indeed.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Getting Wet

Aura went in the water on Tuesday morning. On Wednesday evening we stepped the mast and motored over to BYC. She now lays in the inner harbor alongside a bunch of other T22's. BYC has a phenomenal number of these boats.

One burly older guy in the yard strolled past scowling. Club security. A younger guy, happy and friendly, came by to chat about the high water and boat stuff. I suspect there might be a mix of the old guard and yuppies at BYC.

Now, here is a webcam of BYC. Hope it works:

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